Evidence based medicine is an integral part of modern medical and dental treatment; it involves using scientific trials to establish which treatments, techniques and medications are effective.

Evidence based medicine is most commonly associated with general medicine but it also plays an important part in dental care; it is commonly known as evidence based dentistry. Evidence based dentistry has been used for several years and like evidence based medicine, it addresses specific research questions and identifies the most effective and cost-effective treatments. This method ensures that dentists are able to use the best possible treatments and patients are offered the best possible care.

Evidence based medicine is a cornerstone of modern medicine and has helped to identify hundreds of new treatments; however, experts are keen to point out the importance of looking after yourself. Patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding doing activities and developing habits that may harm their health.

Dental patients are no different; despite the advances in dental technology and scientific research, which have produced excellent treatments, it is extremely important that patients take time to look after their teeth and gums and take responsibility for their actions. Patients are encouraged to brush their teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste at least twice a day, use floss daily and rinse their mouth with a mouthwash each day; those with sensitive or discoloured teeth may wish to consider using a toothpaste that has been designed especially to reduce sensitivity and lighten the colour of the teeth. Mouthwash is a quick and easy way to make sure all traces of bacteria have been removed from the mouth and keep the breath fresh.