E-science will play a huge part in the progression of science and technology, which will have huge implications for everyone in terms of health and dental care.

Many people are unaware of the massive influence that science and technology have on new treatments, medical techniques and medicines; in reality, science and technology are extremely important and allow dentists and patients to access the best possible treatments and medications. Science and technology influence everything from the toothpaste or mouthwash we buy, to the type of treatment we receive when we go to the dentist with a dental health problem.

E-science will continue to change the way we live by developing modern research methods, recording the results of trials and allowing experts to access these results. Nowadays, science and technology are more evident in dentistry than ever before, with surgeries packed with state of the art electrical equipment, treatments using modern instruments such as laser pens and innovative cosmetic treatments, which can turn even the most unattractive smile into a dazzling set of straight, white teeth.

The work of E-science will also affect the way we live our lives at home; scientific research is behind almost every product we use in the home and dental hygiene products are no exception. The toothpaste and mouthwash we use can have a huge influence on our dental health and advances in research have enabled consumers to access a huge range of specially designed products to cater for a range of different health conditions; from sensitive toothpastes to alcohol free mouthwash, these products are designed to improve oral health.